The human is losing its centrality in this chaotic process, when the Earth is rebelling against the world through agents like floods, fires and viruses. We are reminded again that the climate change and environmental protection are among the most pressing issues today. It is therefore necessary to understand the specific responsibilities we have in the field of the arts on and to help our sector to grasp and address these issues effectively on a global level.

Art and culture can help us in many ways: by connecting us with previous moments of change (so that we can achieve a sense of radicalism), by questioning the necessity of the current state, by thinking about deep time, and by exposing us to many possible futures (different worlds become tangible through art). Art and culture are about creating new connections, new transnational collaborations, new sensibilities, new language for addressing political exhaustion and confront head on rampant injustice, environmental degradation and lack of liberty.

The project Liquid Dogmas gathers and mediates knowledge and experience of experts from various cultural fields, but also practitioners and thinkers from other disciplines. They are invited to articulate their visions, speak professionally and poetically at the same time, explore the limits of art language and the possibilities of art beyond the breakdown.

The project Liquid Dogmas was initiated by Martin Piaček, artist and art teacher, and is organized through the Public Pedestal association
The project was supported by funds from the budget of the capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, through Bratislava City Foundation.
Partner of the project: Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava
Visual identity: abcdefghch Studio
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